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Alright, here we go.

This blog started a while back and was taken down and transfered hosts and I’ve been out of a computer for a few months now waiting for APPLE to release their new Macbook Pros with the I5 or I7 chipset. Excuses for me not to get this going. Frustrating but also part of the whole process. It mirrors my life for sure. I’ve been floating around and have come to realize this year that my 20’s will end this December and it kind of got me both depressed a little and really motivated.

So, I’ll be posting from my iPhone most likely for a bit till I pick up a computer but anyways. I feel like I am in the midst of a major transition. I’ve been working for DPA Microphones for 3 years this July and it’s served its purpose, making money in a stable environment. Its become a safe haven of false stability for me and Im more and more growing into the artist that I really am and need to show it, to give what I’ve got, not to some machine but to people. I’m finally acknowledging my uniqueness and fact that I do have something legit to give to this world. AND you do to!! So, this transition Im talking about will hopefully get me freelancing full time soon or who knows, just as long as its mad creative.

With this blog, I’ve been really stuck in trying to figure out what this will be about and have used my ‘figuring it out’ as a crutch to not actually doing anything. Thats ending. I’m gonna figure it out and change this thing as we go.

Im gonna just post stuff. Hopefully cool stuff. I hope all that read this will enter in to discussion and collaboration and just plain spreading ideas and the love!

And another little diddle is that Im working on a portfolio site finally, which is a project in itself to organize and build without a computer of my own, so I’ll post a link from this blog to it soon but for those who read this post you can link to it here.


bryce - That’s nuts you don’t have a computer right now. And I should have read this before I went to Colorado.

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