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Behance and the other 99%

Behance Stuff

A couple links you guys should check out: Behance and The 99 Percent.

Organization is a hard thing for me. My mind is usually flying at a million miles an hour with ideas and things I want to or need to do… well that usually takes up all my mental power so I’m left with 100 yellow sticky notes of cool things and not so cool things. This leads me to feeling quite overwhelmed and most of those ideas just blow away with the wind. Not anymore!! haha. Well, I was refered to Behance and 99% a little while back and I was inspired. Of course I can justify my excitement of getting organized if I get to buy some cool notebooks that will help me get there. Hence the photos of a nice little shipment I got yesterday. Nothing like seeing that bright orange sticker yelling out “Make Ideas Happen.” haha. Thats what I want to do:)  Now on to the follow through. Lets do this.

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