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Burl and Walnut – Pipe and Tobacco

Pipe Tobacco - a relaxing smoke

I started smoking a tobacco pipe about 5 years ago. It was after my great grandfather had died. While growing up we lived across the street from him and my great grandmother in Charlton Massachusetts. Their cellar was my brother and I’s favorite place in the world. It was where our imaginations could go wild. Full of tools and scrap wood and work lights and dark places and weird noises. It always smelled like his tobacco though. The walls were soaked with it. Everytime I light up a bowl and smell the smooth smoke all I have to do is close my eyes and I’m there. I love it.

Smoking a pipe is definitely a ‘thing.’ Its something that is intentioned and looked forward to. I find it gives me a very introspective attitude and when combined with some Noah and the Whale or Iron and Wine things get magical.

I’ve been smoking out of some cheap burl pipes up until this year and I invested in a nice vintage Ben Wade and I tell you the difference is amazing! The feel, balance and smooth air passage is noticeable for sure. I found this pipe on ebay through a legit seller and the pipe was in perfect condition. Its a great place to start…. ebay. You can find an Estate pipe for under $50 easily and it’ll be a pipe that you don’t have to break in yourself. Its used. But in the pipe smoking world, thats quite alright.

On to some tobacco goodness I usually find myself with a burley and cavandish blend. The burley is a nice, usually mild and subtle in taste but packs a punch in nicotine. The cavandish adds some sweetness to the smoke. Great balance can be found. There are some other tobaccos which are much more spicey and exotic in flavor but I just can’t handle the stuff right now. It’s something you grow into I guess.

Here are a few links¬† if you’re interested in getting started with this relaxing hobby OR if you already smoke…. drop a comment and let us know your favorite tobaccos and what you smoke out of or any other links you think we should check out!


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