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Colorado Engagement Photo Session : Erik & Brianne

Polaroid Engagement

A little while back I got to shoot my first couple. Erik and Brianne are freakin awesome! Good looking folks who love the heck out of each other. Its awesome to see… I also just shot their wedding yesterday. Sunday May 30th. Was my first wedding and was an eye opening experience for sure. Learned a lot and destroyed my feet while wearing my awesome TOMS. The shoes were great for the first 5 hours or so but after that, not so much:) Anyways, here are some varied shots from the engagement. I’ll have some killer wedding and FotoLounge shots up soon!

Let me know what you think! If you’re a photographer you best comment, add me on facebook or email me. I’d love to talk and see your art!

E&B and the infamous black wall

B&E Trident in Boulder

B&E Pearl Street Boulder Colorado

B&E Lyons Colorado

B&E Lyons Colorado Railroad

B&E Lyons Colorado

bryce - Awesome, man! So talented. We drove back yesterday, got here at 3:30 this morning.

jarrod - dang, good to know you made it all well. it was awesome to see you man

Shannon - Jarrod, you rock! =) And my feet were killing me too! I thought they were going to fall off when I got home. Lol. I LOVE these images.

jarrod - Ah! you rock too! yeah my feet were destroyed! TOMS shoes are horrible after about 5 hours:) ha

Clint - Man, those are great shots.

jarrod - Thanks:)

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