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Etsy Fashion for Men

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Guys and girls. I periodically, uh, too often find myself on Etsy finding cool things to wear. Rarely buy the cool things, but non the less find the cool things. So, here are a few cool things I think are pretty great right now. Fashion is fun and quite vibe-y.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

Ray Ban Clubmaster’s @ DecadesBaltimore’s shop.

So classic. So classy.


Adventures of Wolverine Macalistaire @ CairoVintage’s store

(such a weird shirt but I had to keep going back over and over. it was calling to me.)

Vintage Short Pants

Vintage Short Pants @ RiffRaffReview’s Shop

Short pants on the shorter side. That’s what this summer likes.

The mans shoe

Ah. These shoes. @ Bigbrothervintage’s shop

Wouldn’t be my first choice for summer shoe. Ah. But, look at these shoes.

What do you guys think about these picks? Girls, how about you? Like this stuff?

Finding unique items whether it be searching the square footage of local thrift shops or scouring the internet is for me… fun.

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