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Fall Into a Winter Slumber

For the past 6 years I’ve had myself hunkered down in Colorado after spending the previous 14 years living in Boulder City/Las Vegas Nevada. The difference in the weather is pretty freakin dramatic. Summers in Vegas ~110* compared to summers in Colorado being ~90*. Winters in Vegas being ~50* and winters in Colorado ~too cold. So, I’ve had this issue since moving here, every fall I’m hit with this dread of winter, a dread of cold weather. I just couldn’t stand shoveling snow and being wet and cold even though bundled up in fleece. I spiral. I just plain go into a mild depression from November till February. Thats a long time. Too long.

Well… Last fall some changes came about along with the cold weather kicking in. Because of some major health scares I had realized that life is too beautiful to waste away during the winter because “Thats how I am” “This is what I do every winter” “Wah wah, I’m a cry baby.” The selfishness in that hit me across the face and I became so much more grateful for life, for opposites. If there wasn’t the cold, I wouldn’t love the warm sun as much as I do.

Point being here… Reach for a different perspective. Life is good. Love is eternal. God created all these things for a reason. Lets enjoy it all:)

Here is a polaroid I took yesterday evening. Actually its two, one transparecny on top of the other. Impossible’s PX600 and Polaroid Fade to Black. It looks a little depressing, but really its not:)

Jarrod Renaud - Polaroid PX600

Shawna - I just bought my first film from The Impossible Project, and guess what. It’s PX 600. I’m sure my photos won’t be all that to begin with, but it sure will be fun to experiment with it!

jarrod - sweetness!! i love the stuff:)

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