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Fresh Start Hair Cut

fresh start hair cut

The Fresh Start Haircut. Do you ever pull stuff like that? Its always been my go to dealio when I’m just floating aimlessly and get somewhat depressed. Being an artist I feel like my emotions are all over the place. It could take just a second to have my confidence and drive just smashed on the sidewalk but then again a second later I’m soaring. Usually when I’m down I feel like if I change something about myself that I can see then somehow I end up feeling refreshed and ready to go. weird.

This is my latest. Just took it all off. First time since high school… Im talking like 12 years. It shocked a lot of people cause I’ve always seemed to been know for my hair style and now its all gone. Not sure what I’m gonna do the next time I need some change. I can’t change my hair. hmm.

Do you have some similar patterns? Or am I on my own boat with this one?

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