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How to Get into Polaroid Photography pt. 2

Polaroid Automatic 100

Pictured above is the Polaroid Automatic 100. I bought this camera about 6 years ago at a thrift shop because I thought it looked awesome… it then sat on my desk for about 4 years until I happend upon the notion to find film for it. And I did. Ever since then my refridgerator has been full of Polaroid Film.

So, this is just a short little somewhat informative post. I’d say you should pick up one of these cameras and some film and try it out. Its fun, no joke. The Auto 100 is a good camera, super easy to use, just set the film speed, focus and press the red button. If you want something with manual control then go with an Polaroid 195. Sick camera! Its on my list for sure.

The greatest part is that with some expired film… you’re gonna get some automatic nostalgia. Thats worth it alone. You don’t have to be some pro photographer, you probably take pics with a nice compact little digital camera or with your phone, eh? Why not just snag a camera thats 50 years old along with some film thats 10 years old and make some magic.

Here are some shots for your eyes.

Polaroid auto 100 and fuji fp-100cPolaroid Auto 100 with Fuji FP-100c film. This film will give you some vivid color and sharp image as long as your lens is sharp.

Polaroid 250 with 690 filmPolaroid Auto 250 with Polaroid 690 film

Polaroid photography - jarrod renaudPolaroid Auto 250 with Polaroid ID-UV film

Jason - Awesome post and it actually solved a problem for me. I am traveling at the end of the year for about 6 months and was struggling to figure out how to document it. I didn’t want to spend a lot on a DSLR and I couldn’t figure out how to develop, store, or transport everything that goes along with film. Now to find a camera

jarrod - Awesome man! if you come across any questions, let me know!

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