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The Humbrecht Family Jump!!

colorado family photo shoot

the humbrecht jump

Boulder Colorado family photo shoot action… Luke, Megan and awesome little Noah. They tore it up on this windy fall day. Headed out to a local park for a relaxed time of picture snapping. They are a sweet little family. Luke is an iPastor over at Vinelife Community Church in Boulder, he takes care of a lot of different things over there hence the iPastor tag:) He’s also one of the talented musicians on the Resound Collective Vol. 1. Megan knows how to take care of people. Shes a fantastic cook and even better… she can cook up some gluten-free madness for us people who can’t eat the wheat! Noah, cool little one year old, chubby as heck and on the roam for toddler trouble. Great little family. I’m so stoked they trusted me with a camera:) By the way. If you’re in Colorado, contact me if you’d like some rad photos of you and your loved ones. Enjoy the pics…

colorado family photographer

colorado family photographer 1

The above photo is a REAL SUN FLARE!! I didn’t photoshop that in cause I think thats cheesy.

Luke and Noah Humbrecht

colorado family photographer 3

Megan and Noah Humbrecht




And we’ll end with some Polaroid 250 shots on ID-UV film.

family polaroid

Luke - Awesome shots dude! Can’t wait to hang tonight.

jarrod - Glad you like:) for sure, excited to chill tonight!

Erin - How on earth did you do the first shot??

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