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Mixed Media Image Transfer – VIDEO

Unique Wedding Gift - Mixed Media Painting

A little time-lapse action of a mixed media/image transfer painting for you to enjoy. Super easy to do and at least for me, its a very free form of visual art. Me. I am not even slightly patient, its definitely something that I constantly work on but it has kept me far from using paint in general as a medium. I don’t ever want to wait for the layers to dry and I’ve always been a perfectionist and have had a hard time learning the art of acrylic or oil, because of the waiting process, ha! soooo…. with this type of stuff I feel like its okay to just let the magic happen. I don’t get too worried about being sloppy, its actually almost part of it. With this video I ended up running out of tape before I finished the painting. What you don’t see is the last layers of paint and stenciling of the letters. Anyways…. Here is my general process:

1. Pick out some images

2. Hit up KULER and find the color palette that catches your eye.

3. Put a composition together in Photoshop using images, colors, whatever else you want in there. This gives you a good idea on how to go about layering and general direction.

4. Throw down some background paint or design and realize that this will all show through and be the background of the images transfered.

5. Print out whatever images you want to be a transfer. I just print off using a color lazer printer on standard paper. Apply acrylic medium to the face of the image (which is mirrored!) Place and let dry a good 24 hours. Then when its dry I use a sponge to get the paper all soaked up and slowly rub away the paper and you’ll see the image has transferred. Be careful not to wipe away the image though, take your time with this.

6. Finish off with more paint to blend everything. Easy.

Really these are loose steps. Do whatever you want, everytime I put one together I tend to go about it differently when it comes to the details. Just let it flow and realize you can paint over things you don’t like.

I’ll put in anywhere from 10-30 minutes at a time then let dry overnight and come back to it the next day. Nice and quick and gives you some time to develop other ideas to impliment. Boom.

Post some links to your art! I’d love to check it out and so would everyone else who jumps on this site!

(Music by Shipwrek Check out his music! )

Mixed Media / Image Transfer from Jarrod Renaud on Vimeo.

Daniel Fuentealba - great job man! I’ll give it a try… definitively!
thanks for sharing 😉

Erik - So amazing. You are the man.

jarrod - Nice! definitely! its fun. post up a link when you do!

jarrod - thanks bro! haha. still working on your wedding photos:)

Shawna - Loved watching the process… and thanks for introducing me to Shipwreck. I’ve been working on something like this of my son. It really is fun!

Shannon - You are so amazing! A TRUE artist!!!

Shannon Von Eschen - This is so amazing Jarrod! A TRUE artist!!!

jarrod - glad you liked it:) Shipwreck is awesome for sure, the description of the album and intention behind it is great.

jarrod - thanks:) i started going through some of your photos. sick!

Shawna - I’ve created one, and I’m currently working on my son’s.

Stacie - Hey, I was wondering what that canvas box-type thing is called? I’ve tried searching for it online, but I’m not sure what it’s called exactly. Thanks! And this is an amazing idea, by the way. DEFINITELY making one for Mom’s birthday. :) Thanks for sharing!!

jarrod - yo Stacie!

Its just a 12″x12″ canvas I picked up at Micheals. Its 1″ thick. Stoked you’re gonna make one! thats awesome, she’ll love it:)

Mary Jo Kattelman - I really enjoyed watching the creative process. It also helped review the gel med. transfer process. You have a way of making it all come together.

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