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Monday Mornings Begin

Bouldering @ Flagstaff mtn. Boulder Colorado - iPhone cam

iPhone snapshot after an early morning bouldering session.

Monday mornings are usually really hard for me. Aren’t they for most people out there? Last summer I started getting up in the mountains by 5:30am and would take part in some awesomeness for an hour and half or so. I wanted to kick start my week. I wanted to actually look forward to mondays a little bit. It worked. For the most part every monday morning I’d go rock climbing with my dad and my buddy Shane. It seriously made the weekends seem longer and the weeks seem shorter. Sooo…

After a long hard winter its finally light enough in the mornings to start up again. Today was our first of the year. Bouldering up at Flagstaff Mountiain in Boulder, Colorado. Climbing to the sun rise.

So. Is there something you would wake early for on Mondays? Trust me, it makes the work day a million times better and is so rejuvinating. We should spread this around, get everyone you know to do it. Make it a THING. What do you think? Crazy? or Freakin Awesome?

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