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Sailor and her tattoo

Sailor and her tattoo

sailor renaud

So, totally forgot to post this blog a couple months ago. Here it is. A bit about my tattoo and baby girl.

She came with a most awesome story.

Her name. Sailor. We had that name picked out for our third little one for over a year before we had her. Both me and Tess’ connection with the ocean is unreal. I feel the¬†presence, vastness, and love of God like nothing else when Im at the ocean. So no matter if it was a boy or girl, Sailor it was. Leading up to her little birthday we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl. Kept it a surprise and loved it!

So we woke up one morning and made our way to the hospital. This particular morning was warm, humid and foggy, in Colorado?! … seagulls were cawing in the Starbucks parking lot. Yep. (Stopped and got coffee) But It felt so insanely coastal. You dont even know how bad me and Tess want to live on the coast and starting our birthing day off like that was so surreal — A coastal morning…Our love for the ocean… Sailor being born.

Another kicker… Sailor was an authentic Caul Birth, meaning the water never broke so she was born in a bubble so to say. Now, the crazy connection here… throughout history children born like this (1 in 200,000+) were called “CaulBearers” and were looked on as being good luck, protected from evil, they were sought after by kings…and funny enough… sought after by SAILORS! Why? Because they were believed to never die by drowning:)

Anyways… thats the short end of it. She’s 4 months old now and so beautiful.

I’m so grateful that God has blessed us with these little ones. My kids inspire us. They calm our heart. They stress us out:) We’re so proud of them and love to show them off a bit, hope you don’t mind me posting stuff like this. It’s my life.

The Tattoo

Got this tattoo by the insanely talented Shawn Degan from Perfection Tattoo in San Antonio. (His site is down right now, can’t link to it) Anyways… this guy is legit old school. Shawn is carrying on an old school style with his tattooing. He’s got history and I couldn’t have had a better experience in that shop.

Shawna - Beautiful story! I love hearing about others’ families. Keep sharing. :)

jarrod - thanks Shawna!

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