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Im developing as a photographer. Style wise. I love the authenticity of film and I shoot film but I also shoot digital as of recently and that opens the world up to editing and stylizing photos. The problem is that there are so many ways to make a photo look, its endless. Ive struggled with this over the past couple months. Do I edit or leave the photo as is? There is a good debate wrapped in this package and I’m sure it could get pretty heated in the photography community. Even with these few photos above, I struggled last night on how to edit and more importantly… why? After messing around with my workflow of tweaking and graining out the photos I realized that going into this really quick shoot with Sarah that I just wanted some natrual looking shots. Simple. No fluff. No crazy lighing. Just a face and see what came of it. So. Hence forth I go and post these bare and unedited which just freed me from chains I thought I was shackled to with upon entering into the digital world of cameras.

Straight out of the camera baby.

Cindy H. - I totally get what you mean…took me forever to start using digital, I swore I never would. There is something so un-duplicatable about film, it is to me perfect. I look at my work “pre-digital” and it is just…”so much more”…but I too have given in to the edit-ability and ease of digital photography *sigh…sometimes I feel like a bit of a sell-out, although I know I shouldn’t. but I can’t help feeling a loyalty, if you will, to film.
Now the editing part..how far to go, how much to edit or add, or even take away..the possibilities are almost endless..I struggle with wanting to make things too artsy or too dramatic, but lately I have learned to go with a more natural approach.
I think you surely did right by the above photos, they are beautiful and I wouldn’t change a thing about them.
We are all works in progress :)

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