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Share the Instant Love – Ode to Winter ‘Roid Week

instant film - polaroid frames handmade

Instant film. Means the world to me. It was 3 years ago when I accidently found out that I could get some film for my old Polaroid Automatic 100 camera that I had sitting on a shelf because I thought it looked cool. From then on it became somewhat of an obsession. Ask my wife about our refridgerator and how much room is left for food. Is quite hilarious actually:) No but really. Over the past few years I’ve gotten some of the most amazing images by way of instant film and specifically my Polaroid SX-70. The camera is a gem for sure. I spend a lot of time with my family, my kids Olive and Boston only know cameras that whip and whirr and spit out film for them to watch develop. I love that. The charm. The analog realness. I feel like polaroid film, especially expired, can capture part of the dream that is this life. I could go on and on… if you’ve shot the stuff then you know what I’m talking about, if you havn’t… please! do yourself a favor and get an SX-70 or Polaroid 680.

Needless to say I’ve got boxes and boxes of hundreds of polaroids chillin in my closet. In all honesty I’m just too cheap to spend some major bucks on a nice plain frame and matting to hang this stuff in my house. I leave that for my super hot polaroids that I’d die for. But for 90% of my other shots (that I still love!) I wanted something that would allow me to interchange my shots easily… so pulling from the carpenter blood in my family, over the last couple years I’ve made some wood frames to easily slip the ‘roids into. They’ve worked out amazing, made a bunch for people just inquiring through flickr. And… so what we have here is the latest, polised version. (actually, there’s a slight change with the newest newest ones but havn’t taken photos of those yet).

They’re handmade by yours truley. Cut and sanded so smooth, painted white and finished with an ACID FREE sealant. Theres a little hole drilled into the back for flush hanging against a wall. They’ll fit Polaroid 600, 779, ATZ, Time Zero and the Impossible films! (*note: look at the pics, the final product only has white on the bottom part, to simulate the actual polaroid)

To add some handmade charm, I’ve screenprinted the mailing boxes and also screenprinted the backs of the frames:)

They’ll come in packs of 3 and a discounted pack of 10. I think:) This is a preliminary post just to celebrate winter ‘roid week!!

Anyways… what do you think? like’m? Give a shout out in the comments. They’ll be release soon…. ohhhhhhh the mystery and anticipation, huh? Maybe they’re not that cool 😉

To win a pack of 3 frames before they’re released you need to Tweet the following EXACTLY!!

RT & Win a pack of 3 handmade charming #polaroid frames from The Lantern Room. #roidweek rocks! Info at: http://bit.ly/ciVaZq

I’ll pick a random winner on the last day of ‘roid week! 11/5. You can enter once each day:) Peace out and Love you guys!

Karma - Please let me know when I can buy some!!! (:

Bryce - I’d tweet that if I had Twitter. Very sweet, dude.

walk_n_wind - *Awe*some idea! Displaying Polaroids is always kind of a challenge for some reason. I dig your invention!

Byron - Seriously, when they’re available for purchase send me an email! This is really cool!
You know, handmade things really go hand-in-hand with the Polaroid charm. Great idea.

jarrod - glad you guys are diggin these!!

Shawna - Nice work. Did you just recently get the screen printing setup? Or have you had that for a while. The packaging looks great and so do the frames!

jarrod - Thanks Shawna! Technically im using Gocco screens without the Gocco contraption since the frames and boxes are 3 dimensional, I just place the screen by hand and run my palm over the screen to press the ink through:) It works pretty well and those screens are nice and compact. Haven’t gotten a full screen printing setup yet:( Soon though! btw, I’m stoked to see your PX600 shots! Let me know how it goes

Jim - I love these. I hope I win them during ‘Roid week, if not how do I go about purchasing your fine craftsmanship?

Katy - These are great! I’ve been wanting a nice way to display some of my favorite ‘roids!

panelomo - i want 10 of these! :)

jarrod - 10 will look amazing on your wall! Ill post some pics of my wall covered in these things:) seriously awesome

jodi - these are so great!! i hope you will sell them.

Shari - These are beautiful!

Claire - These are gorgeous! I can’t wait for them to be released.

Suvarna - fatastic, love them!

Eric Benjamin - Love the packaging! the print looks more like a block print, what type of ink did you use? love your style, keep it up!

jarrod - thanks Eric! i use a small Gocco screen and gocco paper inks for these. align/hold and press by the screen by hand, so its almost a hybrid of screen/block:)

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