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Some things on being away.

Trips for work are not my favorite but it happens and I get paid so I can feed my family:) This time around I am in Nashville. First time I’ve been here since I was ten years old… thats 19 years ago. So I don’t remember much about it. It truly is the Music City. Anyways… a golden nugget for me? I happened in on Hatch Show Print. Insanely inspiring. Old old old printing presses. Here’s a little snippet from their site:

–If you follow music, art, and culture of the American South, sooner or later you’re bound to run into the letters, images, and unmistakable “look” of Hatch Show Print. We’re one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America, and over the years our posters have featured a host of country music performers, ranging from Country Music Hall of Famers Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, and Johnny Cash to contemporary stars such as Garth Brooks and Wynonna.

“Advertising without posters is like fishing without worms.”
– The Hatch Brothers

We’ve done it all without losing that irresistible appeal of turn-of-the-century Hatch posters, which were used to promote vaudeville, circus, and minstrel shows across the country. There’s a reason why music lovers, Americana buffs, graphic arts collectors and designers, and commercial advertisers of all persuasions continue to turn to Hatch for inspiration. We are, indeed, a tonic for the information age.–

So anyways. That place is awesome! Coolest people working there, so freakin nice and polite:)  The designs are so classic and have got me very interested in printing press especially since I recently picked up a GOCCO printer. I’m on the look out now for a table top press:)

Also here are a couple polaroids of Olive and Boston from about a year ago… taken on Polaroid 600 film through my Polaroid SX-70 cam.

kids on polaroid sx-70

Dad - Cool. Glad your finding some fun things to do while your away.

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