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Polaroid SX-70

Polaroid SX-70

It was about 2 years ago when I looked at this old Polaroid camera that I had chillin on my shelf (because it looked really cool) and began to wonder if I could actually use it. So I jumped on Ebay and found some film for it. Boom. My life changed! No joke. From there I did a bit of research on cameras and came across the Polaroid SX-70 (Pictured above taken with an SX-70 on Polaroid 600 film). This is the tightest polaroid camera you’ll find, it shoots integral film which is the classic white boardered film that pops out of the noisy camera after the shutter is released. Seriously now is the time to jump on Ebay and find one for youself. Look for a folding model and anything BUT the Model 3’s. You’ll get the best quality images from these cams and they are SLRs so you get some awesome manual focusing abilities!

Here are some links to some awesome film :::

Unique film: PX100, PX600, Artistic TZ

For some classic Polaroid 600

*For using the PX600 or Polaroid 600 film with an SX-70 you’ll need an ND filter.

Get into it! If you already are then drop a comment to tell everyone how awesome it is!

Got another post coming up covering some aspects of going with peel apart film and cameras.

Karen - I’m having a lot of fun reviving some of my Polaroid cameras – I just posted something myself last night about one of my packfilm cameras. I recommend to anyone who has a Polaroid cam to get it off the shelf and start using it!

Great stuff here, I enjoy visiting your blog – looking forward to what you post about the peel-apart films/cams.

Jason - I’ve been wanting to make the jump and get one. What exactly does the ND filter do, and is it necessary?

jarrod - A Neutral Density Filter (ND) will cut down the light that hits the film…. The SX-70 is made to use ~100iso so if you want to use 600 speed film (which is readily available on ebay and a couple websites), you’ll need about 2 stops of light cut from the exposure. Thats what an ND filter will do :)

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