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The Impossible Project Possible – Revive Polaroid



I’ve been waiting for this day for about 2 years! The Impossible Project had its worldwide press conference yesterday in NYC. Its a long long story so go check out their website. They’ve got an awesome little video posted on how it all went down.

I don’t have to hoard all my polaroid film now! And I’d suggest that you pick up an SX-70 camera from ebay ASAP then order up some film starting March 25th! Boom. Happy tears are flowing around the world.

bryce - So, should I get an SX-70 now? That’s sweet that the film is back.

jarrod - yeah dude, prices for them skyrocketed though. they’ll come down over the next few months though, just keep an eye out for a cheap BUY IT NOW on ebay, run searches for recently added auctions.

Jason - Have you used this film yet? I have a friend who bought and shot a few packs and says it’s very sensitive to heat! Vampire film, that’s what he called it….
I’ve been waiting to see other results before making the jump though.

jarrod - Jason… Lou Bedlam? I saw that he called it that. Definately spot on. Its finicky:)

Luis - evviva!!!! I cant wait use it!

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