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Urban Woodsman- The Longbow & Knife

Urban Woodsman - knive and longbow

Spending time in the wild is an amazing thing. Growing up my parents always took me and my brother off camping in the mountains. I grew up fishing mountain streams for wild trout and hunting mule deer through the vast open mountains of northern Nevada. I always feel a spiritual awakening for me when I’m outside somewhere far away from city streets. It’s peaceful. It’s green. And at night, the stars. Just unbelievable. Had some really fun times, great memories. Had some close calls too, one being on the verge of getting searched for by a helicopter in the middle of the Montana wilderness. Fun story but I’ll make it short: Me and my brother spent a week fly fishing the Madison river and were dropped off and had to make it 2 miles to the pick up point within 3 hours before it got dark (I mean dark, like you cant see your hand in front of your face)… well, that 2 miles was actually 7 miles, not cool! So it was dark and we were second guessing ourselves thinking we missed the pick up point. One of our biggest concerns was that we left our pistols in the truck (packs of wolves and grizzlies roam the area very frequently and we smelled like fish). We spend 4 hours walking/running in our chest high waders in the pitch black towards the closest point of light we could see, hoping it was an occupied cabin. I had a video camera with a couple minutes left and saved it in case it ended up being our last words to our families. When our spirits were low we at last spotted some moving headlights about a half mile away which got our adrenaline pumping and with a final cross of the river, our blind steps brought us to safety just before they called in Search & Rescue. Words can’t describe the experience and I’m grateful for that, it was special, truly facing the unknown.  So I’ve had my share of outdoor adventures for sure and hope to experience many more as I grow old and rickety.

Anyways… came across OldSchoolTools and these two items caught my gaze. The Longbow, definitely old school. I’ve dreamed of hunting with one of those. So pure. The knife. So classic. I feel like every guy needs a good knife. I still have the first knife I was ever given, and use it. But a nice size fixed blade with a leather sheath, so classic, so useful.

What do you think guys?

James Jay - Man i wish i went out camping more. Honestly we never had experiences like that.

– james

jarrod - ah, its so great man. just being somewhere that is so quiet:)

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