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Wedding on Polaroids

Wedding Polaroids - SX-70 PX100Sorry about the scattered wedding posts but thats how its gonna go! I brought along my SX-70 and Mamiya Universal with polaroid back. Added some weight and goofiness to my set up but I ended up with some killer shots that I just LOVE! I really wish I had shot some more with those cams. Next time I deffinately will implement the magic to a higher degree. Anyways… hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! Would you want this awesomeness for your wedding? Its something that digital just can’t give.

Weddings on Polaroid

Polaroid Bride

bryce - Am I allowed to curse on here? I’ll use the the appropriate alternative. Those are effing awesome. I can’t get enough of that second shot. Erik’s look is awesome.

It’s official. Colorado will be our home once again, on August 1.

jarrod - ah dude! thanks man. glad you like them! and super stoked that you guys will be moving back here! effing awesome

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