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Brytny Marquez

More from that bridal day shoot…its taking me a while to get through these!  These here turned out to be pretty editorial I think. I like ’em. They’re really clean and vivid which is so different then my polaroid and film stuff. Its good though. They also really show off the make-up artistry of Aphrodite Affairs too! I’ve only adjusted levels and added some grain to these, no touch up. Brytny is such a sweetheart. Quiet but throws down some heavy looks and a huge amazing smile. I felt bad after this shoot cause I realized that I was a bit distracted by the ‘technical’ learning of my camera that I didn’t tell her how awesome she was doing! Thanks Brytny for being awesome and can’t wait to shoot again!

Brytny Marquez Boulder Colorado Bridal

SirChief Jaeson Gomez - amazing!!

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