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Colorado Bridal Shoot pt.1

colorado bridal shoot 1

Im not a technical person. I’m not a numbers guy. I have a hard time being patient when learning how something works as far as nuts and bolts and details go. My natural question is – why? – not how. I’ve always wished I could just touch a tool, close my eyes and ZIP, BAM, BOOM- I know how to use it to its fullest potential.

For the most part this shoot for me was mostly about learning my camera. Shooting manual with a 5dMkII for the day hoping that my fingers would start to remember buttons, knobs, and settings… success came slowly!  Time to get past the technical aspects of running a camera and just focus on interacting with real live people and create something amazing since my passion is for the art, the emotion, the human connection and relational encouragement. So bear with the straight facedness of these folks:) my bad. haha.

Here are some nice and clean frames from inside the Boulderado Hotel in Boulder, Colorado. Stay tuned for a dark series post with Luccia. Got some really moody shots on digital and some 1986 Kodak Ektachrome. Hints of light.

colorado bridal shoot 2

colorado bridal shoot 3

colorado bridal shoot 4

colorado bridal shoot 5

colorado bridal shoot 6

colorado bridal shoot 7

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