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Luccia Cafiero on polaroid

I was nervous and slightly intimidated. I’ve never worked with models before. I didn’t know what to expect and was also struggling with the feeling that I had to live up to these girls expectations… they’ve worked with some amazing photographers! Ah the pressure. But its cool. I’ve been able to overcome my fears in situations like this with a humble attitude and remember that Im there because I love to capture honest images. I’m up for the challenge to get that spirit, that something which speaks through a photo and to the viewer. More than anything though Im there to hopefully connect on a relational level with people and have fun. Its all about the process. I feel like I learned a lot this day since we had time to relax and just shoot.

It was an awesome collaboration with photographer Shannon VonEschen from Shalynne Imaging, Natosha Cooke from Aphrodite Affairs, gowns by Alisa Benay, Brandice Rodriguez throwing down killer hair style, Cassandra Rose Events for some charming outdoor decor, and models; the stunning Brytny Shea Marquez,  Luccia Cafiero , and Austin David Schott. 

We took a few hours and shot inside the Boulderado Hotel in Boulder, CO. Great place, great light and vibe. They were awesomely accomodating too! Then we decided we didnt want to be warm and cozzy anymore and would rather freeze our butts off so we moved outside just before sunset… drove up Flagstaff Mountain and had a little setup on a picnic table in the snow! That was sick for sure. Cold… but great. Don’t wear TOMS in the snow… its the same as going barefoot. Literally couldn’t feel my feet for an hour! Anyways… here is a preview by way of Polaroids! My favorite medium. I took some 35mm and digital shots too… I’ll post more soon.

These here are all shot from my Polaroid 250 on some nice and old ID-UV film. Magic. What do you think? The polaroids lend a sense of mystery, eh? More and more I’m understanding the fact that light is the most important tool and so freakin dynamic. It’s never the same. Light is fantastic.

boulderado hotel boulder

Brytny Marquez on polaroid

Erik - Amazing job, Jarrod.

jarrod - Thanks brother!

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