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Kelly Moore Boy Bag Review

kelly moore boy bag review

So got this trip to Brazil coming up very quickly and I needed a bag that could hold a good amount of photography gear along with my 15″ Macbook. Up to this point I’ve been patiently waiting and watching and straight up searching for a legit old school leather bag that would not only be functional but have some real history to it. I didn’t want a brand spanking new bag. I dont really like new things all that much, I’m shying away more and more from being a straight consumer enticed by the glitter and gold. BUT with this whole trip sneaking up on me and since I couldnt find anything that I really really felt for. This is what I got.

The Kelly Moore Boy Bag

I’ve seen it around the blogs lately and a couple of my favorite photographers, Sarah and Chris Rhodes sport these… so figured I’d give it a committed whirl. I needed a bag asap.

My random thoughts on the bag for you who may be wanting one:

Right out of the box, the thing is SHINY!! So slick and shiny looking. Its faux leather which… eh… whatever, of course I’d rather it be real leather. If you care about it looking like real leather, it does the job. Since Im going to be in Brazil with some expensive gear on my shoulder I wanted something that didnt really look like it held some precious items so I took this thing out back into my garden:)

Yep. I threw it down in the dirt, scooped up some soil on this bad boy and started stomping away. haha. This was working pretty good but to really scruff it up I grabbed some 100 grit sandpaper and started scrubbing. My goal of breaking in some faux years to this thing worked out pretty well. All this faux-ness. Its like those jeans we all used to buy from Abercrombie that were $119 and had holes all over the place. Like that.

Well, did it fit what I needed? Yep. Totally does. In the main compartment I can get my Mackbook with Wacom, Canon 5dMKII with the 24-70 2.8 lens, a 580exII flash, either my Polaroid SX-70 or Polaroid 195 Land Camera with some boxes of film and my Yashica t-3 PS. In the back sleeve I’ve got my Dot Grid book and in the smaller pockets I can fit macbook charger, CF cards and reader, 35mm film, earbuds, batteries, the small stuff… you get the picture.

It’s a great bag for sure especially if you are looking for something that will hold a few things to a whole mess of things including a 15″ or smaller laptop. I’m happy with it overall.

Now. My honest opinion also includes somethings that I’m not too fond of. The problem is that I’ve got a Fullgive which is an amazing handmade 100% leather and brass bag for my Macbook. So that is where my perspective comes into play as far as Boy Bags construction goes. First is the strap. Its nylon. Feels and looks really cheap which is a bummer. It’s slick and slippery although its got a slighty padded sleeve that is for your shoulder, eh. The second thing is that when I’ve got my laptop in there along with my Canon the flap stays loose, you see, the flap is magnetized to stay “shut’ for the most part and does if I dont have my laptop in there. It’s def not the end of the world but just for my sake I’m going to have snapping brass buttons installed in place of the magnets.

So overall. This thing absolutely ROCKS when you’ve just got your cams an lenses in there… say for a shoot. If you want a Traveling messenger that will hold much more… it works, but for me, I’ll get the magnets switched out for buttons and deal with the, ehhhh, strap.

Let me know if you have any other questions about it!

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