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alternative photo framing mountingalternative photo framing mounting

My dad is a carpenter. I grew up noticing how tough his hands looked. I could always smell the sawdust on his clothes. He usually had a beard and sometimes a mullet. His boots were always muddy and his truck smelled like coffee and sweat. Oh, and he knew Karate hence my dad being tougher than your dad.

I’ve tried my hand at carpentry, while in high school I spent three months helping my dad and grandfather build my uncles house back in Charlton Massachusetts. I never felt more like one of the guys as then. That was a great time. Oh and when me and Tess had Olive, our first little kiddo…. We needed to make some extra money so I worked construction for a summer. It was good. It was tough.

There is a part of me that wants to rip some wood on a table saw and hammer some nails and it peaks its head out every once in a while. More so lately. Its nostalgic for me to smell saw dust. I’ve been mounting my prints on birch as of late and its been really fun and it’s a nice change from normal framing of photos. I get my prints done through Wallblank. Archival inks on heavy duty archival paper. Then using some acid free sealant I seal off the sanded birch and use an acid free adhesive to get the print to stick. Drill a small hole in the back and you’ve got a mounted photo hanging flush on the wall. Sliiiiick.

phillip4875 - very lame keep ur day job

jarrod - okay

Anon - Awesome as usual :)

Jon - Phillip knows squat, as this is awesome. As a fellow photographer, I’m inspired

Jon - Phillip knows squat, this is awesome. As a fellow photographer, I’m inspired!

Radya - Hi Jarrod,
don’t mean to bother, just need to tell you, how breathtaking your pictures are – especially the Polaroid ones.
I hope you’re taking these for living, otherwise it’s a great talent wasted.
R. :-)

jarrod - ah shucks! thank you so much. that means a lot:)

Eric Benjamin - as usual, these are AWESOME! Phillip is a wanker.

Geri-Jean - I really appreciate you sharing this technique! I love it and hope to try it!
Your photos look amazing as well !

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