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Polaroid 195

My love for photography began with a Polaroid camera. I’ve been on the lookout for a Polaroid 195 in great condition and found one over at LANDCAMERAS. Cory is an awesome guy who got me an amazing camera, if you are serious about jumping into peel apart film, head over to his shop and pick something up.

This camera… I have just started shooting with it and figured I’d throw down a blog post.

So whats so special about the 195? It’s one of Polaroid’s ‘PROFESSIONAL’ models. Ohhhh Ahhhhh. Okay, but how good  can it be? Polaroid Film is dead, right? Nope. Heck no. First off check out the Impossible Project, second off, Fuji still makes peel apart film. Both the Polaroid 180 and 195 were their professional models, meaning the lens is top notch compared to their other models, sharp lens with a much wider aperature. The 195’s got a f3.8 going which will give some some great bokah. The other big thing is that the shutter/aperture is completely manual. Manual is good because that means you are in control. I’ve always loved both my model 100 and 250 which were automatic and can produce awesome results but the control of this camera takes peel apart film to another level.

I’m really stoked to shoot this more often!

For those who may be dipping their toes into photography or polaroid. Here is a couple of examples of what Im talking about as far as having the ability to control exposure.

– So with these two shots below. An automatic exposure will get you the shot on the right. The whole foreground is nice and exposed, detailed and such… which looks great but say you wanted to really catch the depth of the scene and bring out the mountains further out there… which brings you the shot on the left… technically underexposed over all… but there is some drama that is brought into the scene.

Bootleg Canyon polaroid 195

– These next 3 shots of my kids. I had them just inside of our sliding glass door. The sunsetting light was catching their face and bodies and the dining room behind them was fairly dark. If I would have shot with with an automatic exposing camera their faces would end up being overexposed, blown out and undetailed because the majority of the frame is the ‘darker room’ behind them so that is what the camera would most care about. With the manual exposure I exposed for their skin which ends up bringing that room completely black.

By the way. These are all shot on Polaroid Chocolate 100 film. Its hard to get, I think The Impossible Project has some left. I love the film. It can give you some great contrast and amazing sharpness.

Thoughts? Are posts like this helpful? Let me know!! Drop a quick comment.

And hey! Thanks for reading!

Shawna - These shots are great!
So… did you keep your 100?

addy - The Impossible Project has to be one of the best things that have happened to Polaroid fans ever! I hope it will keep going and growing stronger! These pictures are so lovely – a great camera indeed! x

Cory - Awesome pics Jarrod, that chocolate is fantastic when used correctly.

jarrod - thanks dude. love the chocolate:)

Mike Myers - Amazing… we were just talking about Polaroid cameras in the Photography Forum on SGRID, and I dug out the two old cameras I’ve got, a model 100 and a 195. Both have been sitting for 25 years or so in a drawer, unused.

I posted a link to your blog. I was wondering if I could copy over what you’ve said here, or better yet, can I ask you to maybe come to http://www.sgrid.com, register, join the Photography Forum, and post your information there as well?

I hadn’t thought about getting the camera going again, but maybe I should – after reading what you’ve written, I think I’d like to do so.

Thanks for posting. I enjoyed reading about the camera once again, and now remember why I wanted to buy it in the first place!

Michael Korbel - I love these photos! Such a great film. I have a pack of the sepia film which I am saving for the perfect occasion. I have seen both on Ebay and the Impossible Project.

Rob Burke - That was a good read…thanks for posting this

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