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Day 2 of Brazil

I’m starting with a post about Day 2 because that is the day that is ending. It’s all fresh and also this day has been very laid back for the most part. I’m tired but really wanted to post a brief with some photos. Yesterday was straight crazy…AMAZING though. Just too much for me to write about now since its about 12:30am and I’ll be waking up in a handful of hours.

Today we spent at a youth center in an area of Rio that was once the most dangerous slum in Brazil. This slowly changed over a period of the last 20 years when an old woman was fed up with the drug running and violence that was taking place. She started to prayer walk and preach the gospel of Jesus. Loving people. When we stepped foot here there was a spirit of calmness and of joy. I was amazed first by the steepness of the streets and old architecture. Buildings crammed on buildings with walkways and stairs just wide enough for one person. I was also taken back by the bright colors. So brilliant. The place glowed.

We were led up into the housing and fed a delicious meal before heading back down to the youth center.

The  youth center. The kids. Great great time. Our hearts were to just plain have fun with these kids and teach them of the Fathers true love. Most of the children are fatherless. This seems to be a running theme down here. So showing them Gods love has been our heart.

I can’t even explain to you the joy in these kids eyes yet also the depth. Things go deep with these little souls. Blows me away. All of this.

Good ole Aaron Strumpel sang some songs to kick off the day with Nick Kofahl dropping the beats on a djembe. These kiddos loved it. Singing, whistling, dancing. Then we went on and played some games with some giant beach balls, had a face painting station and story time.

Throughout the time I was taking photos and along with that I had a Canon i90 printer with me and was printing off 4×6’s to give to the kids. Humbling.

Thank all of you who helped get this team down there. Some wonderful things are happening. Most of all we are seeing joy in the eyes of people. Gods people. We are all Gods people. Lets keep loving.

Here are a few shots.

Shannon Von Eschen - Awesome work! I’m so happy for you. =)

Bryce - Good to see these. Happy Easter.

jarrod - thanks shannon:)

jarrod - and a happy Easter to you too bro. we gotta get together!! i want to take some pictures of you two

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