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Wedding Photography: Small Personal Gifts.

unique wedding gift idea

It’s a gift and honor for me to shoot peoples portraits nevermind have the trust of photographing a wedding.  My reason and love for photography stems from my love for people, emotion and creativity. Personal touches are awesome and fun.

unique wedding gift idea 01unique wedding gift idea 03

This is a little wedding gift I put together for couple whose wedding I recently shot. Im constantly in and out of thrift and antique shops just looking for things that catch my eye. I used to run a vintage tee store on Ebay back before I got hitched. It was epic and that thrift store bug has never left. So while looking for cool things that may suit my style I also look for little things that I can personalize specifically for my family, friends AND clients.

I scored this cool little box that just looks awesome. Found some old vintage stock cards that show off some Colorado landscapes (where this couple spent quality dating time). I pulled some inspiration from Caseys (the groom) amazing beard and searched out an old pocket knife. Every guy needs a good pocket knife. And for Aimee (the bride), her great dreads and cool style helped me find this little feather neclace.

Finishing touches of shredded kraft paper (recycled!), personalized price tags, old string, and a note on thin basswood brings the whole thing home.

Figured I’d share. Thanks for reading!

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