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A little family history

Francis Renaud

Took a recent trip to my childhood town of Charlton, a small town in Massachusetts. I was there for work specifically, spending the days in Boston but was able to spend some evenings with family. It was an honor to be able to take some photos while I was there. Here are a few of my Pepere Renaud. This is my dads dad. I also dug up some old photos from the Renaud line which Im also posting below. I have a new found passion and respect for family history. Over the next year I plan on digging into some details, can’t wait to find the stories.

Right off the bat I will tell you that my Pepere here is awesome. Not sure how to sum up his talent with playing guitars, building steel guitars, and carpentry – his creativity in these things is so telling to where its been passed down through the line to me and my brother. The best thing though, his sense of humor. He. Will. Make. You. Laugh. Like no other. Guaranteed.

I vaguely remember his father… my great grandfather but what I do remember was his tattoos. His arms were covered. Which leads me further back…. to my great-great grandfather. Frank Reno. He was not only a Vaudville performer, escape artist, performing magician, friend of the great¬†Houdini, but also a tattoo artist.

Lots to dig into but on this late night as I write this, I keep it short and add some photos. A few that I took and some that I was given, including some of my great-great-grandparents.

francis renaud - charlton massachusetts

the great reno

Frank & Eva Renaud

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