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Jason Nava & Jolene Shima

jason nava & jolene shima Winter is my least favorite season. I tend to slow down, mind and body. Hibernate I guess. Even my creativity tends to take a back seat although this past winter I tried my best to push through and shoot as much as I could schedule. I’ve had my eye on these two folks for a while, their look is just so awesome along with the fact that one of my really good friends here in Colorado grew up with Jason in California… somehow we all found out about this weird connection.

This was one of those fairly last minute shoots as we were racing against the clock,  Jason and Jolene were both set to move to the great city of L.A. within a couple weeks so our window of opportunity landed on the coldest day of Colorado’s 2011-12 winter. I picked them up about 9am and it was 11 degrees and when we finished our “lets hurry up and shoot” shoot the temp only rose a couple degrees. They were champs, I felt self-concious and kinda bad that I was putting them through this madness haha.

By far, these are two of the finest people I’ve ever met. That’s a strong statement seeing I only spent a wee bit of time with them but you’ve probably met people like these… you just walk away inspired. They have an energy and authenticity about them that is rare these days. And they were just so damn cute together, they’re love overflows. And since this shoot they’ve gotten engaged! So happy for them!

Well, here are some shots for yah. Some of the guys at ELC Mens were kind enough to donate some items for the day, check’em out. I was pretty worried that because of the cold my film would get a little gnarly but it held up besides some weird color shifts I had to wrestle with… and yay for spring bein here now, yah?

jason nava & jolene shima 02jason nava contax g2 kodak filmJason Nava Impossible project polaroidJason_Jolene 4x5 large format kodak

Stormie Dae - These are FANTASTIC – you really captured some brilliant shots. Oh and Winter is my least favorite season too…yay Spring!

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