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Oh community. I love it. It was about a year and a half ago on the streets of one of the most dangerous slums in the world I sat next to this dude Nick and we were talking about photography as I was actually there as a part of the RESOUND crew in Rio De Janeiro with a camera to document some amazing things, a bit of which you can see here… anyways… Nick mentioned that I needed to me Jill Carter who loved styling and such, so I put that name in the back of my mind for a bit.

Well a year later after some brief facebook exchanges and such I get one of the most heart felt emails I’ve ever gotten… be it by, for the most part, a stranger. She had, for a couple different reasons, asked if I would be willing to do a portrait session with her. It was one of those emails that pulls you into a different level of connection with the soul, it brings you back to the raw beauty of life and love and how frail we are.

Soon after we met up to talk shop since she was a stylist and we wanted to get a shoot or two going with so and so and who and who… then I asked her… well, lets start with your portrait session… ‘nah nah nah’ she said, ‘I wasn’t really serious about that.’ I said ‘uhhh, yes you were, are you available this saturday morning?’

There’s no backing out of a session, especially if there is a whiff of self-consciousness! Photographing and being photographed puts both parties in a vulnerable state… all of a sudden the people skills of the photographer is put at stake and the one getting photographed??? All of a sudden they can feel their face and get really nervous about what they should do with their hands.

Here are some of my favorites from the morning.

Jill Carter - Polaroid Portraits by Jarrod Reno 03Jill Carter - Film Portraits by Jarrod RenoJill Carter - Polaroid Portraits by Jarrod Reno 02Jill Carter - Polaroid Portraits by Jarrod Reno
Jill Carter Polaroid Portraits

Kassia Phoy - These are so beautiful Jarrod! Talent, man, talent.

Jarrod Renaud - Well shucks!! :) Thank you Kassia!

Shannon Kaple - Love these!

Jarrod Renaud - Thanks Shannon:)

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