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Julian Machann – DIY Bridal ¬

Julian_ Machann - DIY Bridal - Wedding

Been wanting to do a bridal inspired shoot for a while and after working with Jill Carter, feeding off her enthusiasm, awesomeness, and creativity we nailed down a definite ‘yes’ to go bridal. I had Julian held in the back of my mind for a bit and she was down for shoot… the location fell in to place soon after.

This whole thing was quite the learning experience for me as we had a few vendors on board which lent to some pressure I’ve never felt going into a shoot before. I had a much broader playing field as far as what I wanted and needed to capture with this shoot than I normally do. And with the intention by everyone to get this published… after the shoot wrapped and I was reviewing photos… I realized I missed some important aspects to shooting an inspirational shoot such as this.

One of the best and most frustrating things about photography is that it seems like I ALWAYS walk away thinking the… ‘well, what I should of done was…’

Its the best because I learned something. It means next time around I’ll be a tad better at what I do, I’ll be a bit more refined.

The frustrating part is, well, I have that emotional-rollercoaster-artist kind of mind and heart so I can be pretty hard on myself.

Anyways, some tidbits of learning on my end… the shoot as a whole missed some key detail type shots that are very much needed for publication. Second, I was more preoccupied with the look of the whole dealio rather than interacting with Julian on the level that I would have liked to.

What about the photos?? I do love’m, there’s some epic-ness with some of these. And most importantly the time we had out there was a blast, it was over 100 degrees and at one point we had this CRAZY dust storm blow though, we had to pick everything up and run to the cars thinking a tornado was forming! It was fun for sure.

Here are some of my favorites from the day.


Model: Julian Machann / Style: Jill Carter / MUA: Natosha Cooke / Bouquet: Robyn Rissman

For the Photogs: Mamiya RZ67 400H shot at 200, Contax G2 400H shot at 800 pushed 1, Polaroid 195 expired Polaroid 669. Dev & Scan Richards Photo Lab. I’ve been wanting to underexpose and push 400H for a while now, it doesnt hold up as well as Portra, def muddies up the shadows, lends to sepia shadows and massive grain. I like it for what it is and will surely use it for certain projects from now on out. 

DIY bridal headpiece Julian Machann - bad ass brideJulian Machann - bridal polaroid portait


Lauren Larsen - The 19th photo down, the one with her eyes closed, is incredible Jarrod! Love it, love Julian. She’s a babe. Haha.

Peggy Baily Sukut - Totally love that same picture. I also love the way it tells a story with her cutting off the skirt. Her look back at the camera and smiling and it feels like it says “freedom”.

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