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The Pocket Knife

best made company - Higo KnifeBest Made Co. caught my attention a while back. They’re doing some cool things and focus heavily on craftsmanship which I feel is something that has been lost in my generation but is making a comeback. So, in comes the Higo Pocket Knife. It’s been on my list of must haves for some months although they’ve been out of stock for at least that long. A week or so back they received a new shipment of these hand hammered knives and I jumped at the chance to own one. It also happens that my brothers b-day is coming up on Feb 29th. This is one of those leap years where he actually has his birthday on the 29th! I ordered up a pair of these, one for him, one for me.  Its a small thing but very awesome that we’ll both be pocketing these blades while we’re 900 miles from each other. The fact that the word “Courage” is stamped in its handle is prime. A brothers bond is built on love and courage. So there yah go.

To the knife: I’ve been carrying it around for the last few days and its slim profile makes it very comfortable to pocket, its easy to forget its there. Opening and closing is straight forward, it doesn’t lock which at first I was a little iffy about but its thumb tab helps it feel solid when open. The sharpness of this blade rivals my straight edge razor. Its scary sharp, it cut through a piece of half inch leather like butter. You’ll want to seriously pay attention to what you’re doing when you’re using this thing. I love it. If you’re looking for a pocket knife….


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