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Ms. Sarah Rose

sarah rose polaroid 1Met Sarah a little over a year ago at Vinelife Church in Boulder. You know how artists can sniff out other artists?  Well, she had the creative look for sure. A classy style and her wardrobe was just way too awesome. Quickly found out I was right! She paints and is super talented,  all she needs is a website to share it with y’all.  (Ah hem, Sarah, if you’re listening check out > http://cargocollective.com/)

Oh, and she plays the banjo by the way.

I first shot with her a year ago. That was the first time I’ve ever gone out of the ‘hide in my cave’ comfort zone and asked someone if I they’d mind a little photo shoot. I’ve come a long way since then and this second time around helped me realize the journey I’ve been on with this here photography thing. Here’s a handful of my favorites, all polaroid and film.

Hope you enjoy!

sarah rose polaroid 3 - denversarah rose contax kodak - denversarah rose polaroid 2 - denversarah rose contax kodak 35mm 01

sarah rose contax kodak 35mm 02

sarah rose polaroid 04sarah rose polaroid 05sarah rose polaroid 05sarah rose polaroid 05sarah rose contax kodak 35mm 5sarah rose contax kodak 35mm 4sarah rose polaroid PX680 01

sarah rose polaroid PX680 02

sarah rose contax kodak 35mm coffee

Ashley - This is an incredible shoot Jarrod! I love just everything about it. The last photo is really adorable, all the Polaroids are fantastic. Her hair is really quite remarkable and I’m a bit mesmerized by it.

Gabriele - absolutely great!

jarrod - Thanks Ashley and Gabriele!! It was super fun shooting with her:)

Kassia - These are flippin’ gorgeous! She is stunningly beautiful as well. Also, top buns FTW.

jarrod - Why thank you Kassia! :) She was easy to shoot to say the least. Such a sweet and talented girl.

kim - Loving your blog and photos. All your images seem to capture an emotion in a simplistic way, which I think a lot of photographers forget about.

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