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Tess, my love.

tess renaud maternity polaroid 195 03

Here she is. I met her something of 8 years ago and we’ll have been married 7 years this June. Do that math and you’ll see we believed in love at first sight, seemingly set apart for each other by the Almighty:)  I vividly remember the first time she ever walked into the Starbucks I was working at in Las Vegas. Her eyes. Thats what caught me first. The second thing that caught me was her quiet spirit, everyone in Vegas, especially the girls are so damn forward. Anyways… one thing then another thing and POW I’ve spent 8 years of my life with the most wonderful and beautiful girl I could have ever imagined. The girl loves deep. There’s so much compassion, care and encouragement. She really is my safe place and also the courage when I need it.

I’m glad she let me take some intentioned photos with her. By the way… she’s pregnant with our forth little Renaud in these here photos. Pregnancy is beautiful, but bare pregnant bellies flailing out all over the place… uhhhh… not my thing when it comes to photos:)

Here’s a few of my favorites.  Film shot through the Contax G2 and Polaroids either the 195 or SX-70.tess renaud contax g2 maternity 2

tess renaud impossible project px680 blast

Tess renaud Kodak Portra 400 film

tess renaud maternity contax g2 kodak portra400

tess impossible project px680

tess renaud contax g2 kodak portra film

contax g2 kodak portra 400 landscape

tess renaud - contax g2 maternity 01


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