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A run with a new lens on the streets ¬

san francisco - vsco film Took a week trip to San Francisco for the AES trade show with my current employer, DPA Microphones. A couple days before I left I had sold off my Canon 50 1.2L to make a quick needed buck and replaced it with a Zeiss 35 f2 ZE. I’ve never been too interested in street photography although I enjoy many artists including this guy who can bring about some magical images on the streets. Figured I’d go for a test run with the new lens.

Some quick afternoon walks and a run down the beach.


Canon 5dmkII – Zeiss 35 f2 ZE – VSCO film – Alien Skin


Mike Golubitsky - Beautiful!

Jarrod Renaud - Thanks man!

Ashley E. Moore - Gorgeous shots Jarrod! I love the photo of the elderly couple sitting together. And the random coyote.

jarrod - Thanks Ashley:) I think my favorite is the elderly couple too

Jarrod Renaud - Thanks Ashley! Yah, the couple, thats my favorite:)

Brandon M Sweet - Love the shot of the couple on the bench.

Preston Utley - Thanks for the shout out friend. And yes love the elderly couple too!

Jarrod Renaud - dude, thanks Brandon. Couldnt help but think about me and Tess when I saw those two. This short bout with street photography helped me shape some vision. super fun:)

Jarrod Renaud - of course! your street work fascinates me. We gotta meet up soon!

Brandon M Sweet - good

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