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CX City Brand Clothing & Manda Hesterly ¬

Can’t believe I never posted shots from this day! It was a cold day back in November or December… I’m not even sure now… but it was for a couple Tees by CX City and I got to shoot with Ms. Manda Hesterly who is an absolute sweetheart. We got a ton of great stuff and braved the cold for probably a bit too long but it was worth it.

I’d write a bit more, but its 1:00am and I’m hitting the road for SXSW in a little while so I need to get to bed…

I picked this string of shots cause of the centeredness. I kind of like them.


RZ67 Kodak Portra160 & FP100c

Polaroid 195 w. Polaroid 669

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