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It’s become a winter habit to quit shaving and let my whiskers grow. This here is 5 months in and I’m planning on going another month or so… once it officially feels like spring, out comes the shears. Anyhow, I’ve had some questions about my beard, some attention and what-not as if its some magical thing to grow one and keep it looking good. Its simple to grow, you just dont shave… then whether or not you trim, thats up do you… fit and trim beards can look great but it’s very very easy to over-trim and once you do that  I guarantee you’ll feel so much regret that you’ll throw it to the wind, pout to your wife, and then shave it off.

When it comes to grooming it… that is also simple.

Just like the hair on your head, wash it and condition it. From there its up to you if you let it go wild and sideways or keep it under control. Either way, find a good beard oil. I’ve been recently using Prospector Co. Beard Oil and it is fantastic. Adds shine and softens it a bit… and even better than that… smells like the best pine tree you’ve ever smelled.

Second to washing and oiling is combing. If you dont want it to go sideways… then you gotta comb a few times a day. A wide tooth comb is best and I’d stay away from plastic. Plastic will get nice and static-y. It can also get hung up and if you pull out a beard hair, I guarantee your eyes will water.

burroughs beard oil - Prospector Co

David Anderson - Every year I trim it and regret and pout to my wife. Spoken like a true beardian. Been looking for some good beard oil. Thanks, I’ll look into it. Great images too!!

Bryce Perica - Epic picture of the beard, dude.

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