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Carter & Brooke – Colorado Engagement ¬

Carter & Brooke Colorado Engagement photos 1

Ahh. Young love. Carter & Brooke have that. And they have faith, that literally is moving mountains in their lives. These two are inspiring and I am so excited to be shooting their wedding this winter. Until then we were able to hike through some mountains and take some photos. Here is a little polaroid preview.


Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 w/ Impossible Project PX70

Polaroid 195 w/ expired Polaroid 669 film. /w warm filter


Carter & Brooke Colorado Engagement photos 2

Brookelynn Howe - I can’t stop looking at these. I love it so much! You are incredible!

Jesi Langdale - Ok. These are so sweet. I feel like I just drank a vietnamese coffee. CUTE! :3

Joanne Encarnacion - RAD! Love them!

Leith Mchugh - BROOKIE & CARTER! You guys are so cool, I want to be like you when I grow up.

Branden Harvey - Oh my gosh. These are incredible. Wow.

Brendan Ottley - These are great! Solid work.

Jeffrey Gerson - These are amazing!

Paul Tellefsen - Incredible.

Jarrod Renaud - thanks man. they made it easy 😉

Jarrod Renaud - dude thanks man!

Jarrod Renaud - Well shoot Brooke, you both made it pretty easy :)

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