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Hand Carved Wooden Spoons ¬

Hand carved wooden spoons

So I’ve been making these things along with some other things such as beard combs, double finger rings, and guitar picks out of wood… It’s raised some eyebrows amongst my community. Everyone has been like… “What the hell? One day Jarrod cuts down a tree and whittles cool crap while sitting on his porch smoking his pipe?” – though this is a bit romanticized of what actually happens:)

My family history is rich with carpenters and woodworkers and I’ve gotten to this place in my life where I’m thirsty for a trade. I’m sick of the lack of balance regarding the time I’m sitting in front of my computer and the time I’m actually awake to this world/life. So this woodworking thing has been stirring up inside me and my good friend Steve brought it out rather quickly when his interest was sparked by his dad (who just built his own wooden boat). Anyhow, Steve made a set of three rather neat looking spoons and a spatula… and now I can’t be stopped, I’m going bananas chipping wood.

It’d be great if I was able to sit on my porch swing, smoking my pipe, whittling cool stuff while my children play in the sun and my wife sits beside me reading a good novel while the warm sun sets over the mountains… but right now, its the late nights, and early mornings when my kids wake me up and I can’t get back to sleep… that is when I whittle and carve. Not so romantic at this point but non-the less I love it.

I’ve had many people asking if I sell these or intend to and yes… I do intend to and will have some updates soon on how you can get you’re hands on one of these… and/or some other trinkets I’ve become fond of making.

I absolutely appreciate the support and encouragement. It is the season (and by season i mean this next decade) of the artists and craftsman to find their song and sing it… so encourage each other in that aspect and don’t be afraid to try new things!

Josh Ulmer - Love it!

Ariele Alasko - Beautiful! So nice to read a little bit about your process too ;).

RichardandKate Spicer - I came to this post from Instagram, and I completely understand what you’re talking about – needing or wanting to be more present in this life. Hope you get there soon. I like your blog btw.

Jarrod Renaud - thanks so much! glad you checked out the blog. and yah…. slowing things down has been key :)

Jarrod Renaud - thanks my man

Kristin Genna - these are so beautiful! I cannot wait to purchase some. I really feel this deep need to create something with my hands as well. Unfortunately I’m not really good at making things with my hands, time to get back to knitting I suppose, haha! but I really love these!

Niki Nowell - Awesome!

Gabrielle Walsh - Just beautiful Jarrod, I will be stalking you (instagram and now blog) till I get one of those devine double finger rings on my hand and a charming spoon in my kitchn utensil holder! Lovely blog and lovely style of writing.

Jarrod Renaud - thank you so much, seriously :)

Justin Michau Photography - That walnut is So good. Keep making sweet things!

Ashley E. Moore - I think these are gorgeous! Kind of make me want to try my hand at carving. :)

Jarrod Renaud - thanks! and yes, you should!

Jarrod Renaud - thanks so much! and yeah, whatever it is that you love to do… do it :)

Jarrod Renaud - thanks my man!

Danilo Salvatore Carlucci - Hello Ariele, I have tried to inbox you in regards a collaboration of our startup (www.amazers.org) – please check the inbox message I sent you. Thanks and kind regards. – @[683941319:2048:Danilo Salvatore Carlucci]

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