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Mark Nava ¬

I’ve had the chance to hang with Mr. Mark Nava a couple of times lately. I tell you what, it is such a blessing to meet men who are pursuing truth in their lives and this is one of them. Just spending a couple hours with him over some coffee I feel sort of shepherded in a sense. The maturity of his faith in Jesus is inspiring and contagious as it is so transparent. This is something I yearn for, I can so quickly build up walls when it comes to relating to people in a spiritual sense, sometimes it makes me uncomfortable to share deep parts of my heart, my dreams, my doubts. It takes practice, it’s a way of life and I want to take part.


Polaroid 195 w/Polaroid ID-UV film

Tracey Morris - Just discovered you on Instagram. Popped over here. Your words in this post are perfect. It’s amazing to me to see how God uses other people to encourage us along our own path. Blessings to you. Oh, and what amazing gifts and talents you have. Seeing your wood work and photos is inspiring and encouraging enough.

Jarrod Renaud - Thanks so much for your words, means a lot :)

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