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Tyler & Julia’s Colorado Mountain Wedding ¬

colorado polaroid wedding photography

I treasure the time for portraits during a wedding day. It never seems long enough and from now on I will be requiring at least an hour for this part. Not only is it my favorite time as I consider myself most naturally a portrait photographer but EVERY wedding I’ve shot this time is also loved & appreciated by the bride and groom. Its more about them than me, its their time to decompress from a day of hustle and bustle, even with these two, Tyler and Julia. They were SO chill all day, but it wasn’t till this quick 20 minutes and a small hike up a hill where they realized that they needed some quiet time together, to slow down, to take in the day and what just happened.

Anyhow, here are a handful of polaroids. A full post to come.


Polaroid SX70 w. Impossible Project PX70 film

Polaroid 195 w. Polaroid ID-UV film


Tyler J Allen - Wow… Just, wow… Definitely appreciate the reflections… that moment of serenity up the hill was probably one of the most sublime moments I’ll ever know. It’s an honor to have had it captured so beautifully by you.

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