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Patrick King AKA Fish from Think Tank Denver ¬

Patrick King Fish Think Tank TattooI have lots to blog as I have been lacking in that area this year. I’ve been part of many amazing projects and shoots, Im excited to finally share this stuff as I’ve seemed to have  been too distracted by life to post. Anyhow, this is Patrick “Fish” King from Think Tank Tattoo in Denver. I found him a handful of years ago and began getting work done on my arms by the guy. He has a really solid style and now to have crossed paths with him more than a few times I’ve seen a bit further into his life and art. He’s an amazing artist whether that be tattooing or painting, his style is distinctive but art visual art on paper or skin isn’t where he stops. He also created ELC Mens clothing with a couple other guys. The attention to detail and quality regarding the clothing and accessories is quite impressive. Just recently he showed me a working edition of a watch they are releasing. He spend a good 10 minutes just explaining the reason behind the minute details of the watch design, both visually and mechanically. I was blown away, its a whole different world of quality and design, but most importantly the intention behind each. Another intriguing aspect to his life are his motorcycles he builds and races.

He’s a doer and has a respect for history and tradition that I feel has skipped a few generations these days and I’m grateful to see these things come back into the lives of young folks. He’s surely an inspiration to me in many ways.

Im jumping the gun and posting these polaroids and few digital as the film I shot is still in limbo.

Impossible Project PX70 - Patrick King


Common Couture - Jarrod, you seriously get better with every shoot – these are freaking AMAZING.

Ashley E. Moore - Amazing, amazing photos! I love looking at the world and at people through your lens.

Tracy Balch Moore - Love these! Great work!

Joel Bear - Incredible!

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