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SXSW & The Impossible Project ¬

SXSW The impossible Project Polaroid by jarrod reno

The Impossible Project blew my mind when they got ten packs of their latest film to me just days before my trip to Texas with A Boy and His Kite for SXSW. To say I was excited to have this much instant film packed wouldn’t do it justice… I almost crapped my pants. And now I am very honored to have them post a little write up for their Viewfinder post along with a handful of the shots I took while I was on the road. They are a company that is driven with passion and keeping instant film alive… I have a special fondness towards them as instant film was my gateway to photography.

Please take a look HERE! for the post of photos.

Emmanuel Egwerome - Hi how are u?

Novosti ¬

jov novosti polaroid by jarrod reno

Some months back… November 2012 to be exact Mr. Jov Novosti took an airplane from Portland to Colorado for a collaboration of imagery. He is releasing a set of songs here very soon, April 13th to be exact. Honored to have a sneak listen and it will be a wonderful album. His sound is rich and earthy and I myself can’t wait for the final album. Getting to know the depth of this mans mind and heart was very eye opening, he is a true mad man and I mean that in a good sense. He takes what he does very seriously and labors over the intentionality of every aspect when it comes to his art. Commendable to say the least.

We brought in wonderful Jill Carter for styling and got Jov shirtless on a day where the high temps were probably 20 degrees:)Here are a few frames from each part of the day.


Polaroid 195 w/ Polaroid 669 and Fuji FP3000b — Mamiya RZ67proii w/Kodak Portra160 & Portra800 — Polaroid SX70 w/The Impossible Project PX70


Common Couture - So freaking good, Jarrod Renaud, I want sweet Jov Luke to come back and hang out with us again! Love to you both.

Anthony Thornton - These are humbling. Great work.

Audrey Baker - Stunning work. Inspiring.

Jarrod Renaud - thank you so much!

Jarrod Renaud - Hey thanks Anthony, means a lot. Can’t wait to hang

Jov Luke - great work man. was a pleasure working with you & spending time with you. I wish we lived closer so our brotherhood could grow, but you are a brother & I appreciate you.

Abram Gotthardt - rad!!!

Cristine Bowman - These images are amazingly beautiful!

Liz Vice - you look so handsome Jov!

Night Beds ¬

Night Beds Music by Jarrod Reno

Heres one frame… posted a handful from my shoot with Winston (Night Beds) a while back, which you can find here. Anyways…. got this scan back a good month after the shoot as it was taken with an old Polaroid 110a converted to shoot 4×5 film. Shot it on Portra400… underexposed it and pushed it.