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Preston Utley ¬

Preston Utley.  I’ve had the honor of meeting him this year and he’s one of those guys that I’ve been very greatly inspired by. His imagery is amazing, yes… but it’s his commitment to the craft. He lives and breathes photography and with the few times we’ve hung out I walk away wanting to delve deeper… dig further into the Masters that have come before us… to study light, objects, people and how they interact with each other. He makes me curious to learn, and also realize that I have so very much to learn.


Mamiya RZ67 Kodak Portra160 — Polaroid 195 w/polaroid 669 film — Polaroid SX70 w/Fade to Black film — Fuji GW690 (scanned at 6×8 unfortunately) w/Portra160

Buttondown Photography - read it. looked at it. loved it.

Preston Utley - Flattered is an understatement.

Java Jazz Jam - These are exceptional.

Jarrod Renaud - thanks brotha! means a lot

Jarrod Renaud - thanks so much!

Jarrod Renaud - well shucks man. Really glad you like them!

Dustin Roderick ¬

This is a really weird post for me since I shot these photos only a few hours ago. I havn’t solely shot digital in a looooong time, so having images right away is weird. Got a replacement Zeiss ZE 35mm for my Canon and so I wanted to take it for a spin and happened to have had a meeting with this fellow this morning at Boxcar Coffee. We decided to go on a little walkabout in the hills.

Shot on 5dmkiii Zeiss ZE 35/2 ran through a hint of VSCO film.

Dustin Roderick Fuchtman - I usually hate photos of myself, but these are really great!

Koan Goedman - Those are nice. Questionable, yet fashionable hiking boot choice.

Dustin Roderick Fuchtman - Very spur of the moment, hiking decision. @[606081303:2048:Jarrod Renaud] made me climb things I would have never climbed before. haha he helped me reach new heights. Great day, not great hiking boots.

Bryce Perica - Nice to see some shots from the MIII on the blog.

Jarrod Renaud - haha :) yes indeed. I’ll be shooting with it much more often now


So at the end of last summer I was contacted by Jason Nava, who is now a very dear friend, about doing a really short and sweet shoot for his latest Tees which you can find HERE. We had a couple of fantastic models and a good style concept… throw in a killer Colorado location and it turned into a great way to spend the last hour of a summer day. I’ve waited quite some time to post these photos as Mint Mag picked them up for their Spring 2013 issue! 

Turn around time for the shoot was short… talking a day or so. Whereas I normally shoot 100% film I eneded up shooting polaroid and digital so that I could deliver within a day. So that is what you’re seeing here… the last 5 shots were on the RZ67 ’cause I just had to shoot at least a roll of film for my own sake:)

Styling- Jolene Nava  Models- Morgan T. Gales & Annalise Lundeen


— RZ67 ¬