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CX City Brand Clothing & Manda Hesterly ¬

Can’t believe I never posted shots from this day! It was a cold day back in November or December… I’m not even sure now… but it was for a couple Tees by CX City and I got to shoot with Ms. Manda Hesterly who is an absolute sweetheart. We got a ton of great stuff and braved the cold for probably a bit too long but it was worth it.

I’d write a bit more, but its 1:00am and I’m hitting the road for SXSW in a little while so I need to get to bed…

I picked this string of shots cause of the centeredness. I kind of like them.


RZ67 Kodak Portra160 & FP100c

Polaroid 195 w. Polaroid 669

A Boy and His Kite ¬

a boy and his kite polaroid by Jarrod reno

Dave Wilton has been a friend of friends for a while now and I’ve heard over and over that Dave and I need to meet, spend some time together. I was told we were living pretty parallel lives regarding faith, family, and profession as an artist. It was all true and I am so very grateful to have him part of my life now. To be able to connect with other creatives is so important these days where society has engrained in our minds what a working man/woman is supposed to look like.

Dave is an amazing producer and has written & recorded at a most beautiful studio (St. Idas) with the likes of The Autumn FilmPage CXVI among others. He has a couple of his own projects going also, one is A boy and His Kite which is a beautiful record and I promise you it will become a favorite to spin. A single, Cover Your Tracks was featured this year on the latest Twilight Soundtrack. His second project is Loud Harp which is a collaboration with Asher Seevinck from Sea Finch. I know there are a handful of links right there but do check them out and take a listen!

A little something that I’m really stoked about is that I’m heading out to SXSW next week with these folks… looking forward to being on the road, building of relationships with a band of brothers, and taking some photos.

This post has a handful of my favorites from a day me and Dave hung out.


a boy and his kite - dave wilton - by jarrod renoa boy and his kite - dave wilton - by jarrod renoa boy and his kite polaroid by jarrod renoa boy and his kite polaroid by jarrod reno 2

Luke Humbrecht - Unreal.

Jarrod Renaud - thanks brotha. Dave is so good looking, it was hard to mess up 😉

Kyle Steed - Wow! I really love what you’ve done here. One artist capturing another artist in the most beautiful way. Great work Jarrod Renaud.

Brenton Clarke Little - Fantastic dude! Really nice

Jarrod Renaud - whoa, for this late reply!! Anyways, thanks so much man. That means a lot from coming from a fellow artist!