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Marianne Hagstrom & Carolann Wachter ¬

You pull a group of creatives together and some awesome things happen… first and formost you have fun and second, you make some good art. Here is a string of shots for CarolAnn Wachter, some of which were in my living room and some in the hills.

Model: Marianne Hagstrom w/ Q Models   Styling: Jill Carter    MUA: Katelyn Simpkins    Hair: Graham Nation  

Special appearances by Jill, Graham, and Drew Willingham (Drew shot a ton of rad BTS stuff)


Mamiya RZ67ii w/ Portra160 & Portra400

Contax G2 w/ Portra160

Polaroid 195 w/ Fuji FP3000B


Drew Willingham Graham Nation

Emily Knurr ¬

Emily Knurr on film by Jarrod Reno

I chose this leading image for a good reason. You see, I stumbled on Ms. Emily‘s facebook at one point through a series of random facebook friends and was caught by her look. The majority of what I saw was a very serious and blank face but with just enough mischief and wonder behind her eyes. So I was intrigued and reached out to maybe set up a little shoot and of course I wondered what this person was all about. Well, some time went by and I had a trip planned to Colorado Springs and asked if she could meet for coffee. I walked in half expecting the very cool and collected artist (as hard as I try not to project personality on internet people, I do … i just can’t help it!) but was met by just the opposite, a super fun and light hearted soul where that mischief and wonder was actually right there on her sleeve. She never stopped smiling and hence… this lead image.

Well, I had one of those first impressions where I threw my bag on the table and said with a giant sheepish smile… “I gotta hit the bathroom or I’m gonna pee my pants, I’m sorry.” So after that was taken care of we chatted about life history, art, goals, family and faith. She kept spurting out these bits of wisdom that I had wished I written down. She’s an amazing person who is pursuing the heart of life… she’ll soon be in the Los Angeles area and I’m a bit jealous that she’ll be so close to the coast!

We weren’t at all planning on shooting but I had some cameras for something else and I couldn’t leave without at least getting a few shots of her and I’m so glad we did.

She’s a wonderful musician with a lovely voice (she’s got one track on her site… so check it out) and I can’t wait for her to release some new work…


Mamiya RZ67 w/ kodak Portra160

Polaroid 195 w/ Polaroid 108

SX70 w/Fade to Black

emily knurr


Dominick Alonso - That’s my girl!

Amazing photos Jarrod!

Norlund Hatchet Refurbished ¬

Another hands on project of mine came to near completion yesterday, got another round of polishing. This here is a Norlund Hudson Bay Hatchet that I came upon. Its head had a good 30 years of rust and sat loose in its helve. I started with sanding the head from 100 grit down to 400 grit sand paper and finished off the edge with 600 grit making it sharper than the average knife. Then I moved on to a new handle out of hickory, based the design and feel off the old handle I added a twist of Walnut inlay on both sides of the handle along with painting a simple fluorescent orange stripe. Finished it off with a few coats of polyurethane for extra durability when the rain falls.

It is purdy and I’m glad I finally got around to this as its been on my list for a couple years. I’m sure I’ll be making more as I already know of some changes I’d like to impart.

Thanks so much for checking this out and all the love on Instagram, its good to know that the artist in all of us has a real impact on the lives around us… even when resistance attempts to convince us otherwise… keep creating and let the close relationships in your life be your inspiration.