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David Bradford from Resinno ¬

A year or so ago, at the AES Convention in NYC I had the honor to befriend a couple of stand up guys who are literally changing the history of piano acoustics. Justin and David formed Resinno, which is the company name behind the custom legs they build for pianos. Justin is the genius behind it and David slings a beautiful recipe of woods to give the legs the acoustic qualities needed along with a visual flow.

A year later I got to spend another week with the guys, this time in San Francisco for the same convention. By this time we had struck up a friendship. A great time spent talking about art, life, and faith. One morning Dave and I met before sunrise to take a bus to the coast. The final bus stop landed us at the doorstep of a cafe… so coffee in hand we walked a foggy beach enjoying the salty air. Living in Colorado is hard for me being so far from the ocean so I’m glad this tangent from running the DPA booth at AES worked out well and was good for my soul.

Levis 511 Cord – BASS Mochasins – Fossil Watch – Yard sale leather bag – handmade double finger Cocobolo ring

5dmII – Zeiss 35 f2 ZE – VSCO Film

Jina Marie Elliott - Too bad the information is not correct. Nice photos though

The Photographic Journal Interview ¬

The photographic journal

Augustin from The Photographic Journal reached out to me almost a year ago asking if I’d be on board for an interview, I was honestly reluctant. I was a bit confused as to why he was asking me especially after hearing about who else he was interviewing, artists that I really freakin look up to. I’m at the beginning of my journey into photography so I didn’t really feel like I had much to offer regarding an interview. Through skyping and emails with Augustin I went with the flow and laid down some honest answers and am very excited that it posted this morning especially since I’m launching into this photographic realm full time in the coming weeks!

I’d love for you all to give it a read here! And thanks again Augustin for all the encouragement my man.

A run with a new lens on the streets ¬

san francisco - vsco film Took a week trip to San Francisco for the AES trade show with my current employer, DPA Microphones. A couple days before I left I had sold off my Canon 50 1.2L to make a quick needed buck and replaced it with a Zeiss 35 f2 ZE. I’ve never been too interested in street photography although I enjoy many artists including this guy who can bring about some magical images on the streets. Figured I’d go for a test run with the new lens.

Some quick afternoon walks and a run down the beach.


Canon 5dmkII – Zeiss 35 f2 ZE – VSCO film – Alien Skin


Mike Golubitsky - Beautiful!

Jarrod Renaud - Thanks man!

Ashley E. Moore - Gorgeous shots Jarrod! I love the photo of the elderly couple sitting together. And the random coyote.

jarrod - Thanks Ashley:) I think my favorite is the elderly couple too

Jarrod Renaud - Thanks Ashley! Yah, the couple, thats my favorite:)

Brandon M Sweet - Love the shot of the couple on the bench.

Preston Utley - Thanks for the shout out friend. And yes love the elderly couple too!

Jarrod Renaud - dude, thanks Brandon. Couldnt help but think about me and Tess when I saw those two. This short bout with street photography helped me shape some vision. super fun:)

Jarrod Renaud - of course! your street work fascinates me. We gotta meet up soon!

Brandon M Sweet - good