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Chris & Emily ¬

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Oh Chris and Emily Thompson. I met Chris around 6 or so years ago while working at *bucks. We used to talk about backpacking all the time and for some reason were into Hawthorne Heights. At that point I was still on my way out of my EMO phase… letting my jet black sweeping hair with a bleach stripe grow… and he was devising a plan to propose to his love. Ms. Emily. A little time went by and I was a groomsman at one of the most beautiful weddings up in Estes Park at the famous Stanley Hotel during the Christmas season… which is their favorite season. Obsessed even:) If I were a photographer then I would have freakin LOVED to shoot their wedding!

Anyways. I spent a morning with them this summer. Enjoyed some espresso, beignets, and took some photos… good thing we snuck this lil’ shoot in cause now they’re expecting a little boy in a handful of months! I can’t wait to see that mini Chris running around.

Oh… so for the first time I lost a whole roll of film:(Bummed about that but non the less… here are just a few from the time together.

Polaroid & Film – 

colorado couples lifestyle photography

Colorado family couples film photography

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Josh Ulmer - Love it!

Lynne Mathis - Emily..your “serious” face has stayed the same since you were a little girl!

Luca Venter ¬

Luca Venter on Impossible Project Polaroid

Luca. You can grab a good read about the man over at TGD. Upon finding his work I was instantly sucked in to a mysterious world. It is evident that Luca has intention behind his images, behind his unique vision. After months of hit-and-miss scheduling we finally grabbed a cup of fine coffee at Crema in Denver. A fitting place for two artists to converge and talk life and art. It’s always encouraging and confirming to talk shop, it can seemingly pull you out of a rut if you’re in one!

I wasn’t going to meet up without bringing a camera or two along nor he. So upon finishing an amazing cappuccino we set off for a neighborhood walk. I took a few and he took a few.


And it was an honor to be photographed by the man. Thank you again Luca! Here are a few…