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Alex & Cameron Colorado Engagement ¬

Alex&Cameron Colorado Engagement Photo Jarrod Reno I met this guy Cameron while on tour in Texas with Loud Harp over a year ago… He was playing a violin with Aaron Strumpel, a violin that he made himself. He is a fellow craftsman and artist and recently got engaged to a lovely lady named Alex who is an artist and all around maker also. Well I had some time off and had a location in mind for shooting a couple so we made it happen… although we were pulling for an amazing sunset, it was heavily overcast. But still, was a fun time. Here are a few of my favorites.


Karen Rosenwinkel - Oh, you two are simply the best. Such care-free joy! The beauty of your love is reflected in these beautiful pictures! Wonderful job, Jarrod!

Abbey Rosenwinkel - That last comment was from abbey not Karen :)

Josh Ulmer - Boom!!! So good sir!!!

Tedi Dupont - Such an artistic and creative eye you have Jarrod . . . . Love every shot! Beautiful people – Beautiful photography!

Joshua Nissen King - Wonderfully beautiful. Sunset or no sunset the chose their color palette right! Gorgeous shots

Judy Schenk - no words, only tears….thank you for sharing your gift, jarrod….

Doc Harrill - Beautiful. (As beautiful as a bearded man can be;) happy for you guys. Can’t wait to meet her. .

Ashley E. Moore - These are amazing portraits! Wonderful and so gorgeous and personal.

Julie Arnold – Denver Maternity Session ¬


I had a small booth set up with my woodworking items at a Spring Market in Denver recently and this sweetheart walked up to me and asked if I did maternity portraits. My instant reaction was that of hesitation because things can get cheesy really quick when it comes to these kinds of shoots. But Julie was so sweet about it that I just couldn’t say no. She said that she was familiar with my portrait work and that was all I really needed to hear, that gave me permission to be myself and shoot the way I see. That is the best thing for an artist to hear.

Jill Carter met up with Julie and helped set her up with wardrobe and a bit of make up. Julie was gorgeous and a joyful mom to be. I loved the shoot. Heres a few of my favorites.


JulieArnoldFinal_Web-101colorado maternityJulieArnoldFinal_Web-105JulieArnoldFinal_Web-112Maternity on Polaroid - ColoradoJulieArnoldFinal_Web-117JulieArnoldFinal_Web-118JulieArnoldFinal_Web-120JulieArnoldFinal_Web-123JulieArnoldFinal_Web-128JulieArnoldFinal_Web-136JulieArnoldFinal_Web-133


James Homer - Seriously, I think these are some of the best maternity shots I’ve seen!. Just all the natural beauty and wonder of a mum to be. Your portraits are beautiful dude…really inspiring! Have a great day :)

Jill Carter - You captured her so beautifully, Jarrod! Her sweet calm demeanor and her joy over becoming a mother! I always love working with you! XO

Bonnie Gregory ¬

Bonnie Gregory

Ms. Bonnie Gregory is one talented lady. She is quite gifted as a singer songwriter and also visual artist. I spend a couple hours with her one day last fall and took some photos. I also had a little lesson in welding which was pretty awesome. She builds tables and other things for people and business in the Denver area. I always look forward to seeing the latest piece she’s made.

She tends to post welding work on her Instagram here.

And you can find her charming music here.

Bonnie Gregory - the horse latitiudes

Lisa O'Dwyer - These are beautiful! My favorite is the third to last of her in the doorway. All are very evocative and poetic.