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Favorite Etsy Finds

I’m a sucker for ETSY.com! Artists putting all their awesome stuff up for sale. Come on! Seriously. How great is it to get something from someone who put their heart and soul into it? Its pretty great. Community trading center of the arts. Theres also just some amazing vintage gems on there.  anyways… heres two finds that caught my eye as of late. Classic all over the place.

Bag for your single speed or fixie

Check this out from shmattson!

Leave it to the Swiss Army to create a beautiful way to haul their ammunition around. Now, you can peacefully use these handmade bags to haul your items on your bicycle’s rack. Made from a heavy duty sage green cotton twill and saddle leather, these bags measure 11.5″ Wide x 9.25″ Tall x 4.12″ Deep. Their capacity is approximately 3 liters. The lid is held in place by a leather thong.

I’ve added a simple but effective rack mount to each bag which secures the bag to your rack’s horizontal rails just like a pannier would mount. Then, a nylon strap and buckle hold everything on and in place. They will fit any standard diameter rack tubing–Nitto, Tubus, Blackburn, Old Man Mountain, Jandd etc.

They are all one-of-a-kind. Each has it’s unique patina and character. I will do my best to match them up to make a pair. The leather ranges in color–honey, auburn, espresso. The majority are in the honey to auburn spectrum. They have been used and do show signs of use. The leather might have some scuffs and discoloration. The fabric may have some very light stains.

Generally, they look pretty great and it’s remarkable they are about 25 to 45 years old (they are all dated–mostly from the 1960’s). They’ve all been cleaned by hand and the leather treated with preservative.

Old School Tools - LongBow

From Old School Tools
This listing is for a custom-built bow made from Elm wood (Ulmus sp.), an excellent and under-appreciated bow wood. The style is based on some of the oldest bows known, the Holmegaard and Ringkloster bows…both discovered in Danish bogs, and around 6,000 years old. Despite the extreme age of the finds, this is an effective and well-thought-out bow design, which I’ve tried to closely replicate.

Each bow is custom-made at the time of order…because of this, it may take me up to two weeks to finish your bow and get it in the mail. Overall length will vary between 60-68″ long, depending on draw weight and length desired…since the shape of a bow depends on the piece of wood it’s made from, no two bows will be exactly alike, but they will be very similar to the bows shown in the photos. Please convo me with any questions or requests; I want to make each bow as suited to its owner as I can.

Tattoo’s and Whatnot

Tattoo by Fish @ Th

Tattoo by Fish @ Th'ink Tank Tattoo, Denver

I’ve had sleeves sketched out for years but have luckily never had the money to actually get them embedded into my skin… Some of my ideas were far from timeless and went with the current trends back then. But some things that have always been on my  sketch pad waiting for skin have been both a lighthouse and a victorious looking old school ship.

Last September I finally committed. I found a legit artist in Denver. Fish at Th’Ink Tank Tattoo in Denver Colorado. Awesome artist and really good guy, he also has a sick clothing company called ELC Mens. I started with the lighthouse coming up my forearm with an olive tree taking up the backside of my forearm. The lighthouse holds a lot of meaning to me. First off I grew up outside of Boston and some of my fondest memories were coastal trips where lighthouses were scattered. The other part of it comes from my spiritual faith and how God is light. In the darkest times it may be hard to see but its there if you’re looking and on those sunny days, its right there, easy to see. The olive tree signifies not only my daughter, Olive, but creation in general, there is a flock of birds flying out of the top of the tree – which will continue into some awesomeness up my arm – I’ll have another post about that later. Anyways… the birds also signifying creation and how we are sent out into this physical world but remain spiritual beings. This isn’t 100% finished yet, I just got a piece on the inside of this bicep last week which I’ll post on here soon, just letting it heal up to take pictures of it.

Tattoo by Fish @ Th

Tattoo by Fish @ Th'ink Tank, Denver

After going through a few appointments to get this up and running I realized that when you do start getting tattoos, your ideas will spring to life and you want more. I wanted more for sure and wanted to get my family tattoos on me next. So I went with a time piece. A pocket watch for my wife with the words ” Tess, my love forever”. This one will eventually get some color later this year but I will be having some other pieces added to this arm in black shading first.

Tattoo by Fish @ Th

Tattoo by Fish @ Th'Ink Tank, Denver

Then I went on to get this piece for my son Boston. Its based off the first tattoo my dad ever got, it was two roses and my name. So forming a tradition… here it is. It’ll be colored in later this year. I think.

So, tattoos in general have definitely become a part of my life. I love the art, the culture, the history. Just touching the surface recently and mentioning that my great-great grandfather was a tattoo artist to some guys at Think Tank I really found out how amazing all this is. They flipped out about how amazing that was and really encouraged me to do some research, which I have and I’ve got some big plans in the works on archiving all my grandfathers art work and such. Its gonna be an awesome journey through tattoo history for sure.

All of these are by Fish at Think Tank, all the artists at that shop are jaw dropping good.  I’ve also got a piece by Shawn Deegan from Perfection Tattoo in San Antonio, he’s been working on my brothers skin for about a year now, amazing work!

Danielle Mogilevsky - Have you finished your clock tattoo yet? And if so, could you post a picture of it?

TOMS Shoes – Summer kicks for a cause.

Toms Shoes on Polaroid Fade to Black film

Toms Shoes on Polaroid Fade to Black film

Hey! If you haven’t already heard of TOMS Shoes then please check out their site. I heard about them a couple years ago and have always wanted to check them out. They’ve gotten pretty popular because of the fact that for every pair they sell they give a pair to a child in need. Super legit cause for sure. I’m always nervous about ordering clothing or shoes online because of messing with the hassel of finding the right sizes and such but recently we found some at Nordstrom. So we got to try some on and I got some black originals and my wife got a shiny gold pair. I was really really surprised on how comfortable these are, they’ve got some nice inserts and like to fit snug. A good mix between ninja and hipster. Once the weather is consistantly warm here in Colorado I’ll be sporting mine sockless. Should work out well. Try a pair!